Diversity Award

  • In order to streamline the entry process and to save time, all categories may be entered on one form, so that entrants do not have to complete the background questions more than once.
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Please consider that it is the intention of this award to address transformation within this sector. Transformation poses an entry barrier but it also represents an opportunity that must be mined in order to bring tourism development to its full potential. South Africa, in different sectors, is experiencing a very slow rate of transformation, this therefore should be a high priority for Wine Tourism.. Judging points that should be considered include:
  • Inclusion of previously disadvantaged individuals at all levels of this sector, especially at management and ownership levels.
  • Enterprise and supplier development in procurement strategies
  • Skills development and mentorship.
  • Inclusion of young adults, women and disabled individuals
  • Leveraging existing programmes to result in effective achievement of transformation.
  • Generation of economic benefits for local people, the enhancement of the well-being of host communities, improvement of working conditions and access to the Wine Tourism industry.
  • Involvement of local people in decisions that affect their lives and life opportunities .
  • Provision of enjoyable experiences for tourists through meaningful connections with local people and a greater understanding of local cultural and social issues.
  • Is the business culturally sensitive, does it engender respect between tourists and hosts and does it build local pride and confidence?
  • How are tourists made aware of the business’s diversity status and activities and why it is important?
  • Entry fee of R700 + VAT = R805 payable to: Specialized Tours & Events, Standard Bank, Branch 024109, Account: 070607575.  Please upload proof of payment below, with entry supporting documents.

  • Should you wish to enter more than one category, before clicking below, please review all the category information pages in advance and have all the information required to hand.

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