Conservation Pioneer Award

  • In order to streamline the entry process and to save time, all categories may be entered on one form, so that entrants do not have to complete the background questions more than once.
  • Should you wish to enter more than one category, please review all these category information pages in advance and have all the information to hand, before starting your entry.
  • Please remember to upload supporting information, images, brochures, certificates, clearly named including your property name and which category they apply to.

This award is to recognise operations who are actively developing their business practises with sustainability and conservation in mind.  This category is not open to previous winners of this award (since 2022).  You may only enter this category if you have not entered the Best Of Wine Tourism Sustainability category.


Ecotourism & pulling nature conservation in to marketing and tourism
Please explain and illustrate how the farm and the wine brand bring your environmental commitments in to the wine tasting experience? Is it mentioned on your website and in your marketing materials? How can visitors feel and see your environmental principals? How do you communicate this with your customers?

Describe your activities in the following categories and explain what you are doing on the farm/in the cellar. Each description should be explained by uploading images/videos to illustrate the action.

 Biodiversity conservation

  • Please explain and illustrate what actions the farm is taking to prevent loss of biodiversity habitat, to conserve natural areas and encourage natural predators to be part of the farming system (e.g IPM methods, natural corridors for animals to move freely etc.). 


Biological farming practices

  • Please explain and illustrate how the farm is following biological farming principles in the production of healthy soils and healthy vines?


 Water saving innovations

  • Please explain and illustrate how the farm has changed their practices over time to be more water efficient? Examples can include use of mulching, cover crops to reduce water evaporation and improve soil water retention, the use of technology to improve precision of irrigation, grey water/water recycling innovations etc.  It does not have to be big tech/infrastructure innovations, practical examples where water savings have been realized will be equally marked.


 Restoring rivers (alien plant clearing & restoration)

  • If there is a river, wetland or natural spring on the farm, please explain and illustrate how you have been restoring the river/wetland to it’s natural state? Examples of restoration actions may include invasive alien plant clearing, replanting with indigenous river species, improving the quality and quantity of streamflow, conserving the aquatic habitat and improving biodiversity of the surrounding areas etc.

Adhering to industry best practice

    • Please provide valid evidence of your sustainability certifications that are relevant for this submission for example:
    • IPW audit report/certificate
    • WIETA audit report/certificate
    • WWF Conservation Champion certificate/Conservation Action Plan

Entry fee of R700 + VAT = R805 payable to: Specialized Tours & Events, Standard Bank, Branch 024109, Account: 070607575.  Please upload proof of payment below, with entry supporting documents.

Should you wish to enter more than one category, before clicking below, please review all the category information pages in advance and have all the information required to hand.

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