*A maximum of 10 documents, photos, brooches, etc.

Architecture & Landscape

  • In order to streamline the entry process and to save time, all categories may be entered on one form, so that entrants do not have to complete the background questions more than once.
  • Should you wish to enter more than one category, please review all these category information pages in advance and have all the information to hand, before starting your entry.
  • Please remember to upload supporting information, images, brochures, certificates, clearly named including your property name and which category they apply to. 
  • A short description of your Property and Services linked to the chosen category is required.
  • Should you become a winner of a Best Of Wine Tourism Award, how do you plan to promote this award? (Please be specific).
  • What makes your property different and excellent for your customers in this particular category?
  • Are you members of any regional institutes or associations applicable to wine tourism and within the Architecture & Landscape category? 
  • List particular design merits of your buildings (interiors and exteriors) and landscaping that are relevant to visitors.
  • Does the architectural aspects of the building/s and of your landscape play an integral part when promoting your winery?
    who were the architects, designers involved?
  • How you use the architectural aspects of the building and of your landscape  in promoting your winery
  • How can visitors enjoy your buildings and garden? Do you offer guests a map, a guided tour, info boards, QR codes, online information, special events?
  • How are staff being trained to speak and guide visitors in providing information about the Architecture and Landscape of the property? 
  • Indicate any architectural or landscaping awards you have won in the past few years.
  • Upload media articles / video links from architectural publications.
  • Any architectural or landscape design awards you may have won

  • Entry Fee: R700 incl. VAT per entry. Payable to: 

    Current Bank Account Name: Tourvest Holdings (PTY) LTD SANCOLD

    Bank: RMB Corporate Banking

    Account Number: 62412193253

    Branch Code: 255005

    Reference: Estate/Experience

    Please upload proof of payment below, with entry supporting documents

Upload your files – ensure your property name and the category appear in the file names

*A maximum of 10 documents, photographs, brochures, etc.